The Girl With the Golden Voice: Kim Trusty

23 Oct

It’s not often that someone comes along and, with one note, grabs your heart and soul. The time has arrived for singer/songwriter Kim Trusty to become the next woman whose name is synonymous with starpower.

Trusty hails from Media, Pennsylvania as one of eight adopted children. Her foray into songwriting began at a young age and eventually brought her to Berklee College of Music in the early 80s, where she was known as “the girl with the golden voice,” Kim has spent the last three decades refining her remarkable skill as a singer songwriter and crafting her own brand of jazz, R&B and gospel with bluesy, smoky soul. Over the last twenty years as an elementary school music educator and performer, her reputation has moved well beyond the Ocean State as a consummate technician, lyricist and songstress.

There are the inevitable comparisons to women who have set the standard for this genre, from Ella Fitzgerald to Anita Baker and Joan Armadtrading. But to say that Trusty is more than the sum of these parts is a vast understatement. Her talent, presence and warmth combine to invariably bring an audience to its feet time and again and develop community whether in the classroom or on the stage.

Trusty’s depth of talent transcends customary expectations, whether performing with a guitar, piano or a full band. Her voice wraps up the listener in sultry surround sound from the first note and instantly makes it clear that there’s nothing better than full immersion in the Kim Trusty vibe.

In September 2005, Trusty released her debut album, Sweet Novena, which Providence Journal reporter Rick Massimo called ‘long in the making,’ and ‘a stone cold winner.’ Trusty’s second album is set to be released in late fall 2009. For more information about Trusty, or to hear samples of her music, visit


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