The Unapologetic Audacity of Jessica “9Names” Coulter (aka J9)

31 Jan

Born and raised in Newport and Middletown.  J9 has been writing poetry for “as long as I could remember, even when I was in 7th grade my mother was called for a “suggestive” poem that I had written about sex, even though I knew nothing about sex…a good imagination goes a long way… right to the counselors office!”

When she was 17 she enlisted in the Air Force, and has been stationed in several states, and visited several countries throughout her time in the military. While in the Air Force, and Stationed at Scott Air Force Base in IL, She collaborated with New Life in Christ Interdenominational Church Drama ministry and created and facilitated Words of Worship, a Spoken word Ministry, performing at venues throughout St. Louis. She has also participated in organizing many open -mics while on various military installations. Her  unusual and unique life experiences have enabled me to truly walk in others shoes, sandals, stilettos, boots, etc.

Her  poetry is purely confessional. In her own words “What can I say, therapy is expensive! I laugh hard so I don’t cry, and like many women, I am always caring for others. For better or worse, my words are my essence, which I openly share through my work. I truly hope that through my experiences and I can bring us together as women, after all we go through this human existence together.”
After 12 years,  she is  back in Rhode Island thank goodness for the Storm!), and she am excited and look forward to meeting wonderful artists, who believe in the vision of self empowerment, knowing ones’ true self, and seeking out the divine in everyday places. Currently J9 is running a monthly poetry event called The Return of the Spoken Word in partnership with Isis Storm to help Grow Rhode Islands art scene and promote poetry in Southern Rhode Island.  J9 can be reached at

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