The Breathtaking Authenticity of Michaelle Saintil . . .

20 Mar

“If I were to describe Michaelle ,” says Isis Storm co-Founder Kaly Champlain (aka 5th Elament) “It would probably be breathtakingly authentic . . .and damn sexy.”

The unique lyrics of Michaelle (pronounced Mick-eye-L) Saintil’s poetry are the signature of her style. Michaelle is a free verse poet. Her voice is rich with emotion and as thrilling and seductive as the person delivering the message… Each poem tells a story of the past and desires for the future.  Michaelle has performed many times at her graduate school, Johnson & Wales University. She has often been the opening act for rock artists in Boston and has also performed the works of Amiri Baraka during a performance he attended at The Providence Black Repertory Company in Providence, RI.

She has captivated many audiences during open-mike performances and has participated in “Poetry Slam” events in the Providence and New York area.  She is currently working on a playpoem (A poem that is a play), as well as her collection of works to be published in the near future.

She enjoys performing her words, as it is one of the few opportunities that poets have to share their work with others. Her work is from her soul allowing you to go with her along her journeys of life, love, fuck its and healing. As she baths unabashedly in her own authenticity, she draws from you the will to do the same. Perhaps that is why her signature reads “Live and Let Live.”

Michaelle can be contacted at

My Private Collection

It’s on rewind,

The feeling.

It’s actually scratched and CD keeps playing the same part over and over again.

I’m caught in the rapture of your sound.

Such music to my ears,

Don’t stop playing and I won’t stop listening.

Disposable men exist and you are not one of them.

You are bling and I want you in my possession so bad I ache.

All the time.

I ache.

Softly and with intent.

Blood diamond bleeds my heart into a pool of salvageable liquid that I use to paint a picture of you.

A pretty picture in all red.

Blood diamond that I am not allowed to wear in public.

You are only for my private collection.

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