More Info: Acoustic Night & HIV Awareness – Thu Sept 16

13 Sep

Dear Advocates for Girls, Women and Communities of Color, HIV/AIDS activists, RI Community Members, and Lovers of Music,

We are writing to invite you to take part in an HIV awareness show coming up on Thursday, September 16 and to tell you more about an initiative called Isis Storm. The mission of ISIS STORM is to bring forth those voices that are being neglected; to be a vehicle to the generations of women who are fed up with seeing and accepting someone else’s definitions of who they are; and to give attention to the generations of women who are awakening to the realization that they are more than what [their generation] sees. We are a collective of female poets, musicians, artists, photographers, media producers, and educators, and the way that we encourage these voices to be heard is through the power of art and writing.

There are three primary vehicles we use to forward the Isis Storm mission:  live shows, community events and our website/blog,, all of which are used to provide education and awareness about art, health, media literacy, civil rights, women’s history and more.   Those drawn to our shows, and the networks we’ve tapped into, enter spaces where they are exposed to discussions they don’t have regular access to, to community leaders they don’t usually touch, and/or to residents they actually want to reach and impact.  To that end, Isis Storm has a history of developing community partnerships.

Accompanying this letter is a flyer about the September 17 Acoustic Night with Isis Storm and a press release from one of our last large community endeavors entitled “We Run This” to exemplify our history. “We Run This” was a hip hop show for “Women and Mothers” which we combined with a holistic health fair to draw in women and men from the community for the purpose of recognizing the importance of women, and the necessity of taking care of oneself. As you will see, we gained support from over a dozen sponsors including Neighborhood Health Plan of RI and the Urban League of RI.

On the 16th, we will reunite our passions for music and health awareness and we hope you consider attending or supporting us.  Coupling acoustic performances by members of our artist collective with an emphasis on sexual health, the night will include the unveiling of a partnership between Isis Storm and Partners in Learning About AIDS (PL-AIDS), a recently formed non-profit organization in Providence that aims to educate and treat high risk HIV populations.  First order of business in that partnership?  Partial proceeds raised on the 16th go toward PL-AIDS and the team they send to the 25th Annual AIDS Walk RI.

Primarily, though, it will be night of music and poetry because if there is one thing that Isis Storm knows it is the power of words. We hope that you join us or work with us one day to allow our words to support your cause!

Yours in the Movement,
Reza C. Clifton and Kaly Champlain
Isis Storm, Co-founders



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