What It Means to Celebrate National 5th Elament Awareness Month

24 Sep

PROVIDENCE, RI – Some consider her the online guerilla warrior who got Lauryn Hill put on the Rock the Bells tour lineup.  Some consider her the reason they got into and through the University of RI.  Others consider her, and will come to find her, as the artist who made them analyze their lyrical content, delivery and overall worth as a performer.  That’s our girl, 5th Elament.

And this? This here is a post with some suggestions and ways to recognize National 5th Elament Awareness Month, a celebration for the album release of Kal Champlain, aka 5th Elament. “Thru the Muck” is a compilation of songs that “speak to her movements through hip hop, and her journey through personal loss, inner demonhood, spiritual transformation and ongoing recovery.” She’s been sharing bits and pieces all over New England, but the full show is coming soon.

So what are some ways you can get involved:

Attend Her Album Release Party

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ITS AN ALL STAR CAST OF THOSE NEAREST AND DEAREST TO 5TH ELAMENT COMING TO CELEBRATE HER “COMING OUT!” Featuring: B-mor 7, Emerald Stone, Rudy Cabrera, Jessica “9names”Coulter, Flizz from WHo Dem, KG of NJS, Shevon “Mz. Muffin” Young, Majesty, Nataly Garcia, Jay Walker, Ryuu,possible bonus late night performance from ReZiZtanZE, …and MORE! HOSTED BY (me) HER DJ: REZA WRECKAGE!

$5 advanced
$10 at door
$15 in advance for admission and CD

To purchase tickets, go to www.5thelament.com or email fifthelament@gmail.com.


Learn More About Her – Interview / Podcast

Click here to listen to a podcast of highlights from my Venus Sings Radio interview with 5th Elament.

KINGSTON, RI – Where are the women in hip hop? It is a common question and refrain at live hip hop shows, locally and globally. But more varied has been the cause for this absence and the response to it.

Women viewed as non-players in the rap game is common, as is the emulation of women who have taken on hypersexual caricatures to maintain attention – sometimes over artistic development and advancement. Women who have devoted significant time to showing off their skills in wordplay, metaphors, and imagery – they are often mocked for being manly or unfeminine, and, even when women are included, concert promoters, executives, and even some attendees, underestimate and undervalue the selling power of such acts.

That is the scene you have to be aware of if you choose to come out as a woman in hip hop, especially as a “femcee.” By and by, though, these challenges have not stopped women from stepping up and demanding space in the game. One woman doing this is Kalyana Champlain, aka 5th Elament – my co-founder and partner in Isis Storm, my colleague at WRIU, my on-stage performance leader, and my friend of many years.


Learn More About Her – Video Performances

5th Elament performs at the Isis Storm show at Gallery in Providence, RI:

5th Elament performs as an opener for Planet Asia at Tommy’s Lounge in Pawtucket, RI (Part 1)

5th Elament performs as an opener for Planet Asia at Tommy’s Lounge in Pawtucket, RI (Part 2)

5th Elament performs at the Isis Storm show at Friendship Cafe in Providence, RI


Save the Date for other 5th Elament Shows & Appearances

Friday, September 24 – Fourth Friday Fiyah at Sala’s hosted by J9 with this month’s feature…5th Elament! 343 Thames Street in Newport, 9 PM.

Saturday, September 25 – 5th Elament Album Pre-Release Banger & Performance at the Bon Vue Inn, 1230 Ocean Road in Narragansett.

Sunday, September 26 – 5th Elament performs Cuts from Her New Album at the The Artists’ Exchange’s 3rd Annual Fall Out of Summer Art’s Festival, 11:00am – 5:00pm, 50 ROLFE SQUARE CRANSTON, RI.

Monday, September 27 – 5th Elament performs as the feature at Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Rock Diner, 148 Grove St. in Worcester, MA. Show starts at 9 PM and there is a weekly open mic.


Still Need More 5th Elament

A site where you can pre-purchase the album and tickets to shows, hear samples of her music, see videos and photos from performances, and more.

A page dedicated to personal development, spirituality, and cultural critique; A celebration of all of us Lotuses who come thru the Muck 😉

5th is also a freelance journalist who has written for publications like She Shines, a magazine published by YWCA Northern RI. Take a look and search for “Kalyana Champlain”

The Poets Page
Articles about spirituality, survival, and upliftment written on “The Poets Page” of RezaRitesRi.com


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