Music and Drumming from the Columbus Day Edition of Sonic Watermelons on BSR

13 Oct

Here is more information about what we shared On Monday, October 11 on BSR (Brown Student and Community Radio), when Reza Clifton (Reza Rites/Venus Sings) and Jessica Coulter (J9) discussed Native American Health Issues and played local Native drumming on the Columbus Day edition of Sonic Watermelons with Venus Sings and Isis Storm.

PROVIDENCE, RI – On Monday, October 11, many around the country were commemorating the explorations and accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, for it was the annual federal holiday honoring his adventures of 1492. Here, within the Isis Storm collective, we decided to showcase some of the other voices, views, and issues that some might hear or discuss on the same day. Besides talking about Native American Health Disparities and Sexual Violence facing Native women, we showcased local and international music to keep folks thinking.

Below are links to some of the special songs we shared on the show. Special thanks to Corey Taylor / DJ Blade Mon, the videographer/producer behind the first two videos, and the selector/curator of the reggae tunes shared below.

This showcases the Eastern style of Native American singing; it’s got lower tones and sounds. Many people are accustomed to the tradition Western style of singing, which is marked by higher melodies and sounds. This is a medley of songs.


This song, and the one above come from a naming ceremony that happened in East Providence. It’s a group of Natives and Indians representing the Narragansetts, Wampanoags, Shinnecok of New York and Arawak – a tribe that comes from the Caribbean.


Ken Boothe – Christopher Columbus + Dub KILLER


MUTABARUKA – Columbus Ghost Remix


Peter Tosh – Here Comes The Judge


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