A Message for New and Recent Friends of Isis Storm

28 Oct

From “Thru The Muck” on Isis Storm

A Blog by Kalyana Champlain
(October 27, 2010)

Peace and Blessings!

First we would like to thank each one of you who have supported our endeavors! A special thank you to all who attended the 12th annual Audre Lorde Cancer Awareness Brunch at Fenway Health! While this is a tumultuous time in our world and we all struggle valiantly with our battles, it is also a time of awakenings, new ideas, and greater bonds.From destruction sometimes comes a greater creation! a “storm” can awaken things once dormant. And Isis Storm is excited to be a part of that with each one of you.

The mission of ISIS STORM (www.isisstorm.com)  is to bring forth those voices that are being neglected; to be a vehicle to the generations of women who are fed up with seeing and accepting someone else’s definitions of who they are; and to give attention to the generations of women who are awakening to the realization that they are more than what [their generation] sees. It is our goal to bring the voices to the table that have long since been ignored, both ethnically and in gender.

The way that we encourage these voices to be heard is through the power of art and writing. If there is one thing that Isis Storm knows it is the power of words.  ISIS STORM feels that enough attention has been given to arguing for equal representation in media. Like the goddess, we believe that it is time to take responsibility and action to recognize our own worth and bring it to the table whether others accept it or not. The time has come for us to “sustain and protect” ourselves. We choose to do so through the power of words.

We are especially excited because of our new HEALTH INITIATIVE to use art to bring attention to some of the health issues that are having a great impact on our communities and society. Currently we have partnered with PL-AIDS (http://www.plaidsproject.org) as we host shows to help benefit their cause and make the community aware. More recently, we had the pleasure of supporting many of you at the Audre Lorde cancer awareness event. We also are freelance writers (Reza Clifton the guest editor) for She- Shines magazine with the YWCA in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. We have covered various health issues and topics affecting our society.

We look to any of you to partner in our new initiative and also engage in dual support of each other as we embark on changing the world. We are available for events, lectures, motivational speaking, and workshops. We will also do our best to promote your events and causes. You are now part of our general mailing list and will receive updates from not only Isis Storm, but the Cofounders Reza Clifton (aka Reza Wreckage and Venus Sings) and Kalyana “5th Elament” Champlain.

As promised we are providing some free poetry for you for joining our list! The first is a collaborative piece performed by 3 members of the Isis Storm collective: B-mor7 (www.b-mor7.com), Jessica “9names” Coulter, and Kalyana “5th Elament” Champlain. This piece is dedicated to HIV awareness entitled “tombs of winter.” The second piece is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Enjoy and we look to build with you soon!

Hope and triumph; Sunshine and laughter
Kal (and Reza)
co-founders of Isis Storm
“Because the thunda can’t help but be heard”

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