17 May

What is new with The Storm?? EVERYTHING! We have some very exciting news and accomplishments from our ladies so far this year. On EVERY LEVEL! So let us share with you where we have been and where we are going….

“Big Ups To Reza Clifton”
First we have a BIG Congratulations to Reza Clifton who became the Artistic Director of the New Roots Cafe on Westminister Street Providence RI.  This is an important time for art and the Storm in Rhode Island. Through her vision we have already had the experience of seeing the wonderful transformation of this establishment. So far we have seen the meeting of generations and genders, collaborations of cultures, film and media, and of course the creation of a place for our community to come and gather, unwind, debrief, dance, and build. It is an exciting journey that reflects the history of our communities from jazz to hip hop, and also honors our transnational world with bi-lingual poetry and world music. In the words of Satta Jallah “Big Ups to Reza Clifton!”

Isis Storm: The Hip Hop Wing
Next, we move to the hip hop wing of Isis Storm. We start with the release of B-mor 7’s Magma music Volume 2. An album that reflects the eruption of a volcano on a physical, meta-physical, and spiritual level. We are very excited for this and give big ups to B-mor 7!  In this album we get the opportunity to experience social commentary, love, peace, and the badassness of B-mor 7 who is not only an emcee but an activist, educator, and mentor to many.

Following B-mor 7’s release was Emerald Stone’s mixtape “The Definition,” engineered by 5th Elament. The first of a three part “mix-series,” Emerald Stone introduces us to what makes Emerald stone. Taking todays industry beats and adding insightful, skillful, and thoughtful lyricism, Stone makes them her own. Stone has allowed many of us to now enjoy the music that was  clouded by content that did not nourish our souls, to now be fed. After you hear one of the tracks on her mix tape I assure you, you will not go back to the original.

We Got the Jazz
Michelle Cruz is taking the jazz world by STORM (pun absolutely intended). The release of her album “The Recovery” on 1/1/11 has already received awards, nominations, and much deserved props! Cruz takes jazz and adds in the roots of her Cape Verdean culture then delivers this combination with a voice that can sooth the spirit and coax it out of hiding. Gentle yet quietly fierce, Michelle Cruz takes jazz to another level and declares her arrival as she Never Says Never!

Painting the Soul
We celebrate Tamara Diaz as well this year as we welcome more visual art in the Storm.  The work of Diaz comes from the deepest aspect of her spirit.  In her art you can explore and let go of long term baggage and get lost amongst the deepest symbols, some considered dark, juxtaposed against brilliant color in a mirror of life itself; the yin and yang.

A liscenced therapist and one of the few bilingual in the state, Diaz ability to paint,work through, and affect  the soul is reflected in all that she does. We are very excited to have her aboard!

Be on the look out for her bio and artwork coming soon!

Little Pink Dress
Isis Storm congratulates Monsurat Ottun for her release of “Little Pink Dress.” An poet that reflects the spirit and the journey of self development, we are very excited to see her bloom after being their to support her as she planted her seeds.

The spirit of a woman is amazing and yet often times misunderstood. We are multi-dimensional, unique and come in all different forms. At times, we lose our sense of self and forget to appreciate those things about us that make us beautiful, inspirational, strong, powerful – essentially, those things that make us who we are.

Little Pink Dress is a collection of poems that represent a coming of age story. From the Closet to the Runway, a woman´s journey from feeling Minimized by her past and previous encounters, and then learning to appreciate herself as she lifts her spirit into feeling Elevated. It is a journey about questioning right and wrong, good and bad, and realizing the love of self is the ultimate key to happiness.


Perfectly Imperfect
This year also brings the release of my spoken word album as 5th Elament and all of her alter egos present: “Perfectly Imperfect.” My most personal work yet, this is an album about recovery. Recovering from addiction, relationships, and recovering a sense of self. A part two of Thru The muck- let the words soothe and heal you. Check it out today

Honorable Mentions
Congrats to photographer and Storm Supporter Maren Salas for her successful return to school! And she is KICKING BUTT! We are so proud to have a storm sister on the front lines in education.

Also congrats to Felicia Love, storm sister, hustler, and supporter  on her engagement to Travis “Flizz” Wiggins from Who Dem!

ALSO WE WELCOME SATTA JALLAH, an amazing reggae artist and woman to the squad and we are very excited to have her! Please expect her bio soon!

Whats to Come…..

ON DECK is Jessica “9 names” Coulter spoken word album “Evolution In Real Time” This is a long awaited album and will be sure to discuss the journey and trials along the way, as well as the triumphs. Exploring love, loss, and the many facets of women, J9’s album will not disappoint!

You all wanted it. Keep asking for it. So I say- Give the peopLe what they want! The mixtape is underway and will be completed by January of 2012!



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