Tamara Diaz: Isis Storm Ushers in Our Commitment to The Importance of Women in Visual Arts…

10 Jun

What do I think of when I hear the name Tamara Diaz? An avid supporter, Liscensed social worker, sister, and phenomenal artist.  A true Cancer, Tamara Diaz was born in New York City on July 5, 1973. She lived with her Abuela, Mami, Papi and little bro, Rolando, for five years before moving to Barcelona, Spain, where she began her first portfolio and received her first medal after entering an art competition in the 3rd grade.

During these early years, Tamara was moved by the art of Antonio Gaudi, an artist famous for his beautiful and funky architecture in Barcelona. After traveling with her family to England, France, Switzerland, and Andorra, Tamara moved back to the New York City area at the age of ten. She dabbled in the New York City hip-hop and graffiti scene throughout high school; soon after, she had her first art exhibit featuring a series of marker designs. During this time, Tamara also attended a summer session at NYC’s Parson’s School of Design, and later moved to Rhode Island to attend Roger Williams University, where she became involved with campus groups including the Women’s Center, the Minority Mentor Program, Hillel, the Multi-Cultural Affairs Committee, Dean’s Diversity Council, and LGBTQ.

Tamara focused her academic work on a psychology degree, which led into her five-year employment at a shelter for teenaged girls. Frequently working with a tough crowd, Tamara discovered that art was a universal way to connect with the young women who especially liked having their names designed in graffiti style letters. Outside of work and school, she found time for activities including trips to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and a semester exploring the Latino/a and Native American cultures of New Mexico, an experience that sparked her appreciation for pueblo culture, spirituality, and art.

After graduating in 1995, Tamara soon returned to graduate school at Rhode Island College’s School of Social Work. After graduating with her MSW, and several inspirational trips to San Francisco, she began her intensive work with design markers, which resulted in about 400 art pieces and several exhibits. In 2001, Tamara produced her first painting, and the rest is history.

In more recent times, Tamara has gone on backpacking trips through Costa Rica, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Spain, and also lived in Philadelphia for 3 years while working in North Philly’s Latino community. Tamara currently works as a clinical therapist, doing trauma work and using art and other self-expressive therapies to assist in the healing process of children and families. Extremely passionate about her work with children, Tamara feels blessed and honored for such opportunities. Her dream is to travel to her homeland, Cuba, to meet her family and reconnect with her Cuban roots.

We now welcome Tamara to her new home and family with Isis Storm and we are so pleased! Below you will see one of her phenomenal paintings called Magic Mama’s (I found it fitting). Let her paintings help you let go of baggage, explore the depths of your soul, celebrate your duality, and just BE. Please be sure to support our sister who understands the power of visual art to HEAL A COMMUNITY. For more on Tamara go to:


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