Rhythm, Rebellion and Isis Storm: TODAY, Thursday, June 16, 2011

16 Jun

Whether you’re looking for a place to have an interesting lunch or a place just to boogie today, check out Roots Cafe and Isis Storm sisters Indigo Bethea, Tamara Diaz and Reza Clifton – all of whom are participating in Providence Inner City Arts’ Rhythm & Rebellion series. Catch Bethea for a lunchtime history & heritage discussion/workshop or stop by later for Gallery Night and dancing with Diaz and Clifton.

PROVIDENCE, RI – Have you heard of the Providence 375 project?  Well it’s all about celebrating the fact that 375 years ago, Roger Williams touched down in what would become Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island.  Now for some, the story isn’t as clean and simple as this; there are the Native Americans/Indigenous people who already had communities and systems of governance, and there was Rhode Island’s role in the transatlantic slave trade after his arrival.  How do you celebrate Providence while asking the tough questions?  How do you honor traditions while making room for new ones?

We at Isis Storm and Providence Inner City Arts have some ideas.  Check out Isis Storm sisters Indigo Bethea, Tamara Diaz, and Reza Clifton TODAY at Roots Cafe for the second installment in Rhythm & Rebellion, a program designed by Clifton “to celebrate 375 years since the founding of Providence, RI, with special attention on the history and heritage of persons of color, women, people with disabilities and other voices who are often omitted or marginalized.”  Going through September, 2011, “artists representing all mediums and guest historians are invited to participate in the series of events, including the lunchtime talks, gallery exhibits, and evening time performances.”

Learn more and enjoy later today…

Rhythm & Rebellion:
A Providence 375 Workshop, Art Show & Special Night of Music & Poetry

Thursday, June 16, 2011:
Roots Cafe
276 Westminster St.
Providence, RI 02903

12 noon:  History & Heritage Lunchtime Session with Indigo Bethea
5:00 PM: Gallery Opening & Reception featuring Tamara Diaz and a host of other artists
9:30 PM:  Poetry, Drumming and Live Music with:
Sidy Maiga, Marc Dorcean, Sussy Santana, Milkbread, & DJ Reza Wreckage


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