Breathe and Say Ommmm: Yoga for the Community with J9

21 Oct

“My journey to becoming a yoga instructor has been as non-traditional as you can get, learning yoga at home, at gyms, at free community classes, and honestly I didn’t like it at first, but, I did like the 20 min relaxation at the end (corpse pose)…the nap, the nap is what got me hooked. My intention for all my students is to learn how to let go of our ego, long enough to reconnect with how awesome we are even when it’s hard for us to believe it. Even if you are not sure yoga is for you, everyone deserves a good 20 min nap!”

MIDDLETOWN, RI – Jessica-Patrice D. Coulter has been practicing yoga for over a decade. She discovered the healing and restorative power of yoga while she was recovering from an injury while she was in the United States Air force. As a disabled 30 year old veteran with PTSD, and a single mother of two young sons, one with whom has autism, Jessica knows that the stillness found within the practice of yoga is the truest way for peace, both internally and externally.

Trained in The Amrit Method of yoga, under Yogi Amrit Desai, Jessica uses specific sequencing in combination with meditation throughout every class to ensure that all participants have the invitation to practice relaxing with what is, however it is showing up in that moment. She is trained and is well adept to reach all people, no matter their ability or their experience level. In addition to her 250 hour training with the Amrit Yoga Institute she holds a certificate in pre-natal yoga from Finding Inner Peace Yoga School.

Aside from her official yoga training, she holds a BA in Liberal Arts form Thomas Edison State College, and has worked in the Social Service field both within the military and with the civilian sector. She is also an accomplished spoken word poetry artist in the New England Area, performing as Jessica9Names or J9, and with the female artist collective, Isis Storm. In poetry she uses her words to open minds, tell her story, and usher in a healing, as with her yoga practice.

Jessica has a passion to bring yoga to all people, and teaches several free of charge community classes on Aquidneck Island, where she currently resides.  More information about those classes is below, or follow Jessica at and on

  • Monday, 9:15-10:30, Oxbow Farms Community Room, Middletown RI
  • Tuesday, 9:15-10:30, Empire Tea and Coffee, Newport RI

2 Responses to “Breathe and Say Ommmm: Yoga for the Community with J9”

  1. Gloribell Mercado October 24, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    Jessica is the real deal. A close friend for almost a decade I have seen her grow into the powerful and inspiring woman she has become. I am proud to recommend her classes and whatever she does in the future. You want to meet a woman who has overcome life challenges and has turned lemons into lemonade with the power of Yoga and its deep spiritual practices check out J9, and you will be forever changed! Gloribell Mercado

    • isisstorm November 17, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

      J9 is straight up awesome. Period.

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