Where in the World is The Rest of Isis Storm?!?

20 Apr

While our sister Reza has been holdin down the blog you may be wondering: Where is the rest of Isis Storm? We are still here fo’ sho. I have a joke about myself and a few of the members as being the Spiritual wing. What that translates to? We roll with the seasons, hibernate as needed, get centered and then move forward when we are ready. But ultmately- NEVER SLEEP ON US! We have been working hard and getting things done. Below is a brief synopsis of what some of us have been up to. Big things and we are so happy to have your support! So les get it poppin!


Last year, after helping to co-found the bilingual poetry night that has since become a festival, J9 realized she really needed to follow her calling as a yoga instructor, start planning her long dreamed of album, and most importantly dedicate her time to being a full-time mother. Perhaps this is just what makes J9 so special. Since making that decision she has become a certified Yoga instructor, almost completed her album, and worked wonders as a single parent making sure that her children still always come first no matter her endeavors. She did this facing tremendous opposition and challenges from those who could not always understand her decisions. It has been a couple years now since I coined her “J9,” and she has lived up to everyone of  the “nine names” she carries.  I love this woman. She is my sister. Be on the look out for her upcoming album that will be released on Lotus Prime Records (by 5th Elament and a division of Isis Storm). Also, an exclusive interview is forthcoming. In the meantime, Click on the photo below to access her site and get your yoga on!

Michaelle Saintil

An amazing woman and poet, and my dear friend of so many years- I am so proud and excited to say she released her first book this year Windy City Poems of Lust & Desire.  Michaelle gives us her breathtaking spirit in the form of a book and we could not be more amped. Honestly, I love her. If nothing else for her realness. With her release that just happened at Cafe S.O.U.L. this lady has had to do plenty of signing and reading as she moves ahead to promote. She is someone you should definitely support.  For updates on the book and to purchase it please check her facebook page by clicking the image below:


Ok ok…what HASN’T this chick been doing: College professor for Africana Studies, Director of a Young Women’s Group that I assist her with, activist, Yoga Instructor , and above all FRESH EMCEE…with 2 NEW ALBUMS on the way. With a jammed packed schedule, B-mor 7 has still managed to work on MAGMA MUSIK VOLUME 3 along with a new album with her underground crew DSO- one that has been years in the making.  Its edgy, but still conscious; raw, but still contemplative. I can only hope that she will also be releasing this with the help of Lotus Prime Records.  B-mor7 and 5th Elament have also completed their first collab single which will be out soon! For More Go to http://www.reverbnation.com/bmor7 and in the meantime, check out her new video! Daaaamn B!

Kal “5th Elament” Champlain and Satta “Lady D.U.B.B.” Jallah

What can I say: when the time is right, the time is OH SO RIGHT. This year I have decided to collaborate with reggae/hip hop/spoken word artist Satta Jallah aka Lady D.U.B.B. What inspired this collaboration? Easy: As we watched sister-friends and people around us suffer from isms and spiritual ailments we wanted to bring to fruition a tour that can help to heal these wounds ,as well as keep up the healing within ourselves. And what have we been up to separately? 5th Elament just finished playing South By Southwest in Austin Texas just last month and is currently working on her new album Diary of A Superheroine (yes I did just discuss my alter ego in the third person). As for Satta Jallah, along with completing her new mixtape “Diary of a Sound Gyal” that will be released on (you guessed it) Lotus Prime Records, she is also taking on holistic healing and yoga to a new level (holisticrootsmovement.wordpress.com), all the while flourishing as a NEW MOM! A Birth i had the pleasure of being at for the duration to welcome my new nephew Menelik. Congrats Sis! Together the two of us plan to use this tour as the jump off for our collaborative album, also to be released at the end of this year. For more on the tour click on the image below or go to our menu or sidebar  and click on “The Awakening Tour.”

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