Awakening Tour Uses Music and Education to Empower Women of Color

17 May


Contact: Jakita Wagner, director of public relations
Phone: 401-207-5717

Awakening Tour Uses Music and Education to Empower Women of Color


Providence, RI, May 17, 2012- An amazing kick off for “The Awakening Tour” happened this past saturday as Kal “5th Elament” Champlain and Satta “Lady D.U.B.B.” Jallah spent the morning at John Hope Settlement House for the “At Your Best” workshop for women of color with a session entitled “Becoming your Best YOU: Breaking our glass ceilings.” This workshop is part of the edutainment they plan to offer as this tour develops and grows. They closed out the day with a  performance at Davey Lopes Rec Center for the “Young Mothers and Children’s” Day, showing the power of women through performance alongside their “Storm Sisters”  and colleagues B-mor7 and J9.

They received amazing feedback from the workshop with one woman stating, “It opened up a conversation about our family dynamic that we have been needing to have for years, and might not have had without this workshop.” Another woman stated, “This gave me the ability to see where I have been getting stuck. Now I can move forward.” Both 5th Elament and Lady D.U.B.B. expressed their own gratitude to share with these women and “shed light on all of the shame, the influence of our past, and the negative thoughts that often stop us from realizing our own greatness.”

The event was put together by Tina Shepard, the new Out of School Time Coordinator. Tina brings a solid track record of creativity in education. Her commitment to the event was truly moving and touching. Through her efforts, she provided a space for women of color to be able to build themselves, and eachother.

As the Awakening Tour develops, 5th Elament and Lady D.U.B.B. continue to reevaluate and reflect on its direction. As of now, they will be holding a 6 week affordable course available through teleconference which is a followup to the workshop from the conference. “This will allow us to remain true to our mission, while also allowing us time to focus on our individual projects and our collaborative album ’42 Laws’ (coming this fall). Once this album is complete we will be using it as the bases for our tour. It is an album about honoring ourselves, our ancestors, and shifting the energy of the times in line with the hopes of the ancient Mayans,” stated 5th Elament.

They explained that the tour is not a traditional “fixed tour,” but one that is organic in nature. Lady D.U.B.B. (whose monicker stands for “Doing the Unbelievable By Believing”) stated, “We want to show people, especially women, the process. For them to be with us every step of the way. Through our mistakes turned lessons, and our victories.  We want to show the power of doing something not done before.” 5th Elament agreed, “Yes. We want this to be about people on our journey, through the doubts, hesitation, and unsurity, so they can be inspired to keep moving forward; to see how their dreams are really their mission.”

The Awakening Tour is a collaborative project spearheaded by Kal “5th Elament” Champlain and Satta “LAdy D.U.B.B.” Jallah of Isis Storm.  The goal of this tour is to combine our music and performance with a number of workshops that will be offered to the community. Holding a Masters degree in Communication combined with  certification in Yoga instruction/Holistic Healing, our goal is to open a gateway of practical and creative healing that is conducive to these troubled times. By combining scholarly and spiritual methods used for treatment of the WHOLE person, we create performance and workshops that take into account the mental and social factors rather than just the physical symptoms of things such as trauma, poverty, and violence that cause dis-ease.

For more information on the awakening tour or book the artists for an event near you, go to or email


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