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25 Dec

Reza Clifton aka Reza Rites aka Venus Sings

Kaly Champlain aka 5th Elament

Isis Storm would like to take this time to wish all of its members happy holidays. As we move into 2010 we are so excited to pronounce it “The Year of the Woman,” and keep building with all of you to promote art, education, and wellness.

While some of you may be thinking this is all just “fairly new,”it has been many years since we first started on this endeavor. We have built Isis Storm with our hearts, spirits, and souls- as we are sure all of you can feel when you come to one of our shows.

Finally, the seed has been sprouting for some time and we are so excited to see it grow! We want to thank all of you who have been a tremendous support system to us, and we hope that we have been just as much as a support/friend/outlet to you.

We are looking forward to moving ahead and to continue building ISIS STORM as the PREMIER WOMEN’S MOVEMENT in Rhode Island (and eventually EVERYWHERE!).

Please take care and be safe and look to after the holidays to see just what we have coming up! Finally-Lets use these holidays for what they were meant to be about: LOVE.

Hope&Triumph, Sunshine&Laughter-
Kal aka 5th elament & Reza Rites aka Venus sings

Isis Storm on Nov. 21: Where the People are the Panel

15 Nov
Big Ups and Thanks to the folks at URI, RI Council for the Humanities, and Black Rep.

Still, THE PEOPLE ARE THE PANEL on Saturday, November 21.

Isis Storm Presents “The Breaking Point”:

A Film Screening, “On the Rise” Performance, and Panel Discussion about women and people of color “finding the breaking point” within the usual narrative to rise up and tell their stories in the private sphere and public sphere, and through artistic mediums!

Saturday, November 21
5:30-8:30 PM
The Providence Black Repertory Company

$5.00 cover
free refreshments


Thanks for your support and hope to see you there. – Rz.

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