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The Girl With the Golden Voice: Kim Trusty

23 Oct

It’s not often that someone comes along and, with one note, grabs your heart and soul. The time has arrived for singer/songwriter Kim Trusty to become the next woman whose name is synonymous with starpower.

Trusty hails from Media, Pennsylvania as one of eight adopted children. Her foray into songwriting began at a young age and eventually brought her to Berklee College of Music in the early 80s, where she was known as “the girl with the golden voice,” Kim has spent the last three decades refining her remarkable skill as a singer songwriter and crafting her own brand of jazz, R&B and gospel with bluesy, smoky soul. Over the last twenty years as an elementary school music educator and performer, her reputation has moved well beyond the Ocean State as a consummate technician, lyricist and songstress.

There are the inevitable comparisons to women who have set the standard for this genre, from Ella Fitzgerald to Anita Baker and Joan Armadtrading. But to say that Trusty is more than the sum of these parts is a vast understatement. Her talent, presence and warmth combine to invariably bring an audience to its feet time and again and develop community whether in the classroom or on the stage.

Trusty’s depth of talent transcends customary expectations, whether performing with a guitar, piano or a full band. Her voice wraps up the listener in sultry surround sound from the first note and instantly makes it clear that there’s nothing better than full immersion in the Kim Trusty vibe.

In September 2005, Trusty released her debut album, Sweet Novena, which Providence Journal reporter Rick Massimo called ‘long in the making,’ and ‘a stone cold winner.’ Trusty’s second album is set to be released in late fall 2009. For more information about Trusty, or to hear samples of her music, visit

The Multiplicity of Candida Rose: Jazz/Gospel/Cape Verdean/R&B Vocalist/Composer/Arranger

23 Oct

Born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, vocal artist “Candida Rose” captivates her audiences with the golden aura of her radiant presence and stirs them with a uniquely compelling voice that combines the overtones and undertones of jazz, rhythm and blues, and gospel with just the right touch of international spice.

Candida Rose’s 10-song debut CD entitled “KabuMerikana: The Sum of Me”, combines her Cape Verdean musical roots with her American influences to bring a fresh new take on world/jazz music which she calls “KabuJazz”. This CD brings together world (Cape Verdean) and jazz musicians on jazz standards such as “Afro Blue” and “That’s All” and Cape Verdean standards such as “Sodade” and “Amor di Mai”. This CD also shows off some of her songwriting, composing, arranging and production talents and skills on songs such as “Kabu Verdi, Un Dia”, “Karta Pa Nha Pai” and “Too Late to Turn Back Now”. These performances combine the musicianship of noted Cape Verdean talents, Carlos “Kalu” Monteiro and Djim Job, with jazz notables, saxophonist Javon Jackson and bassist/guitarist Santi Debriano, among others. Interationally known poet Everett Hoagland contributes with the spoken word/song, title track “Sum of Me (Un Poku di Tude/A Little of All)”. A recent review in “Global Rhythm Magazine” will attest to the beauty and depth of both the CD’s production and Candida Rose’s vocal abilities.

Whether at a gospel revival, jazz night, Cape Verdean festival, R&B Revue, anniversary/wedding/birthday celebration, or whatever event you can think of, Candida Rose continues to amaze audiences with her diverse vocal performances. But more importantly, she reaches out with her heart and soul and touches everyone in her presence. Wherever you happen to catch her performance, be prepared to catch your breath!!

Nisha: Weaving and bearing Witness for the People

23 Oct

Nisha Purushotham was born in New Delhi and raised in New England. Over the past 20 years she has lived in Oxford, England, Bangalore, India, rural North Carolina, New York, Providence and Boston. Reflecting these experiences, Nisha’s cultural identity and music are shaped by many influences. She is a classically trained pianist, vocalist, and percussionist of North Indian and Afro-Cuban folkloric traditions. As an artist-in-residence she has engaged people of all ages in drumming and singing workshops that build community and cultivate creative expression As a musician, Nisha weaves together these varied experiences to create performances that feature percussive piano playing, melodic world percussion, and text that bear witness to the people, land, and movements she has experienced in India and the Americas.

Nisha composed and performs music for Door of No Return, an original play by award winning performance artist Nehassaiu DeGannes, about American stories of immigration, displacement and resistance. In March 2010, Door of No Return will be featured at the “How Many Slaves Do You Own” conference of Engrenage Noir/Project Levier at the Montreal Arts Interculturels. Nisha also appears on the 2008 release Ravengirl of Rhode Island singer-songwriter Kristi Martel.

Nisha’s debut release Living Water (2008) is available for purchase at the conference and also

The Cadence of Indigo

23 Oct

Believe me when I tell you I have been expressing myself creatively ever sense I got my first pack of crayons. Of course at that time my art–an unauthorized crayon mural across my bedroom wall–was received with a solid spanking! An early lesson in the pain of criticism! It wasn’t until I got to Junior High School, or whatever you folks call it nowadays, that I really began writing poetry. In High School, my writing began to take on its own voice and expanded to prose. And joyfully, the satisfaction

I got from writing, painting, dancing, and performing–which blossomed during my college years–continues on to this day. Would you believe I am only just reaching a place of being able to characterize my work? The voices I use, whether in painting or in writing, varies. However what is consistent is that they are honest, probing, intense, spiritually grounded, whimsical at times, and drawn from the bedrock of African Diasporic traditions. When not in artistic mode, I have been accused of being a Cultural Anthropologist and adjunct professor at various local colleges and universities. I am pleased to announce two forthcoming publications: “But Beautiful”—Reflections on Love and Loss, a poetic volume, and The Story of Frizzy Hair; a children’s book.

Stay tuned for more information on how to purchase Indigo’s work or feel free to email us at to express a wish to be on this artists fan list.

The Illocutionary Force of BMOR 7

23 Oct


B-Mor7 is a solo female artist who taught herself the skills of emceein’. She has been flowin for 17 years and has a unique fresh style. B-Mor loves to collaborate with other artists and performs all over RI spreading words of wisdom, fire lyrics and kung-fu flow.

In her own words, she is definitely a “BEAST.”  Is there no microphone safe from the verbal assualt and lyrical massage of BMOR 7? When she steps to the stage this woman teaches first how to speak the truth, and then exemplifies how this truth can command a crowd. One of the artists of the very first Isis Storm “On the Rise,” BMor7 has yet to dissappoint those who love the art form of Hip Hop. An inspirational emcee not letting the industry play her or you, don’t be surprised if when you leave B-Mor’s show you suddenly have an urge to BE MORE.

You can check her our at

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