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Three Rhode Island Women and Dozens of Sponsors Run Hip Hop Event Featuring Resources on Affordable Healthcare, Local and Regional Artists, and Nationally Touring Recording Artist, Queen Yonasda

PROVIDENCE, RI – Breaking ground on a new era of hip hop, three women from three corners of Rhode Island teamed up recently to hold a concert dedicated to ‘women and mothers in hip hop.’  We Run This! Women and Mothers in Hip Hop was a show organized on Sunday, May 16, 2010 in Providence, RI by Reza Clifton and Kalyana Champlain, Founders of Isis Storm (IsisStorm.com), and Shevon Young of the performance and promotions group SlyShuga – two groups who promote women in hip hop and up-and-coming artists.  The show was held at Jerky’s Live Music Hall and it was headlined by nationally touring recording artist – and mother – Queen Yonasda.

Dozens of sponsors signed up to support and participate in the evening, including Jerky’s owner, “Johnny J,” who agreed with Clifton, Champlain and Young’s assertions that women in hip hop are not being considered or given access to opportunities in RI.  Furthermore, contended the three organizers, women in hip hop and/or in the hip hop generation are not being reached by– or even approached with – all the resources that create healthy communities.  This latter critique led to a successful drive that brought in sponsors and partners not traditionally involved with hip hop events, including: 1] Urban League of RI / UrbanHealthWatch.net; 2] Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson / Judge William Clifton; 3] YWCA Northern Rhode Island; 4] Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island; 5] WE HEAL, Wisdom, Empowerment, Health Education, Advocacy & Liberation; 6] Rhode Island Young Professionals (an auxiliary of the Urban League of Rhode Island); 7] Destiny House (domestic violence services); 8] The Rhode Island Indian Council.

The event was also artistically innovative.  Defying contemporary conventions in which hip hop events focus exclusively on rapping and dj’ing, We Run This! also featured graffiti-style artwork and breakdancing – all provided and performed by women, including a “b-girl” affiliated with New Bedford, MA-based event supporter 3rd Eye Unlimited, who attended in part to promote their own upcoming festival, the 11th Annual 3rd Eye Open Hip Hop Festival, The Year of the Woman.  The highlight of the event was a performance by Queen Yonasda, a hip hop emcee/rapper who has been touring to promote her recently released album, “God, Love and Music.”  Immediately before and following the headlining artist were performances by regional poets, rappers, and dj’s including Champlain, Young and Clifton.

“This event,” said Clifton, “answers the very important question of ‘how the civil rights generation can work better with what has been deemed the hip hop generation’ as well as an essential second one that is also connected to the Civil Rights generation: where are the voices of women and why are they always marginalized?”  Clifton, Champlain and Young assert that with We Run This!, they challenged organizations – and traditional hip hop consumers and supporters – to not only show up, but to sponsor the event, arrive early to network, to open minds to a genre of music that is often maligned and misunderstood and to interact with a new group moving the music forward: Women and Mothers in Hip Hop.

Organizers for the event plan to make the event annual.  For more information about the 2010 event or how to support the 2011 show, visit http://www.IsisStorm.com or email beginthestorm@gmail.com.  To learn more about Queen Yonasda, visit http://www.QueenYonasda.com.  To download the PDF version of the We Run This Press Release, click here.



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Your place to purchase tickets, download and share posters/flyers, learn about sponsorship opportunities, and get more info about We Run This! Women and Mothers in Hip Hop: Saturday, May 16 at Jerkys, 71 Richmond St. in Providence, RI. Doors at 8 PM; VIP Party at 6 PM; $12 in advance, $17 at door.


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  • Call Reza (401-497-5246), Kalyana (401-207-5717), or Muffin (401-263-4858).


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  • To arrange/expedite sponsorship pledges and payments, email beginthestorm@gmail.com or call 401-497-5246.


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