I.S. Video

The mission of ISIS STORM is to bring forth those voices that are being neglected; to be a vehicle to the generations of women who are fed up with seeing and accepting someone else’s definitions of who they are; and to give attention to the generations of women who are awakening to the realization that they are more than what [their generation] sees. It is our goal to bring the voices to the table that have long since been ignored, both ethnically and in gender.

The way that we encourage these voices to be heard is through the power of art and writing. We do this once a month through “Isis Storm Presents: On the Rise,” events where we feature members of the “Isis Storm Collective.” Captured in this video is footage from the Mediator Fellowship center in Providence, RI and Mixed Magic Theatre in Pawtucket, RI – from two such On the Rise events. Pictured are Isis Storm co-founder, Kalyana Champlain, and poet/members Nataly Garcia, Jessica Coulter, and Micahelle Saintil. Isis Storm was also founded by DJ, writer and multimedia producer, Reza Corinne Clifton.

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