The Awakening Tour

Kal “5th Elament” Champlain  and Satta “Lady D.U.B.B.” Jallah Present: The Awakening Tour


After struggles though childhood trauma, Self doubt, Addiction, relationship challenges, and Domestic Violence, we realized that our music and poetry is what we were given to heal us. We figured- if this art can heal us, then can’t it heal others too?


Through our struggles we began to understand the power of the spirit and wanted others to do the same. We chose traditional and nontraditional methods of healing, went back to the ways of the ancestors as we regained our spirits; and throughout the journey always using our art to convey our story and inspire others to work through their darkness to reach their light.

We now want to share what we have learned and gained with YOU in as many ways possible.

As we look at the condition of the world right now we all know that what we need is love. Most importantly self love. We believe that by healing ourselves we can heal the world. Furthermore, since it is women from the beginning of time who have brought forth the healing spirit in others, then we must take the lead now to promote wellness in ourselves and our communities. This Tour is also the jump off for our upcoming projects, including a collaborative album.

We operate from a new feminist paradigm: one in which we lift up ourselves to help our communities become stronger. A shift that honors the feminine and masculine energy that runs through us all. Where sexuality and gender no longer limit us. Where we no longer limit ourselves.

This is the purpose behind THE AWAKENING TOUR.

In conjunction, this is also the beginning of the collaborative project we plan to release by the end of 2012 that will also focus on self empowerment, awareness, and healing.

It is an exciting time and we hope that you will join us on our way! Stay tuned for more updates! For more information and the ability to contribute to the awakening tour and see our incentives please go to:

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