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(written for the sake of catharsis)


The snow. The work. The demons in my spirit. The doubt in my soul. The stupid idiots that can’t Fkin drive. The women suffering from emotional breakdowns. The men suffering from lack of emotional breakdowns. The people making people suffer because they refuse to see their own CRAP. The wars. The drug and people addictions stealing away dreams. The denial to these addictions that make you fk with mine. The snow. The bills. The bill collectors. The having to hit the “send to voicemail” button to avoid the bill collectors. The Educational system that has become a Goddamn Business. The english language that says that the “g” I just used in Goddamn should not be capitalized (just for that I am leaving in any typos out of passsive agRessiveness). The dogmatic institutions and members who will stop reading here bcause (typ0)of my use of Goddamn (Unnecessary Capital) but wont talk about how it is this rigidity that made some people lose faith (its ok-I get it)….


The Government that has yet to show us anything. The people of the country who have yet to show us anything. The relationships gone wrong. The children suffering for adults who cant get their shit together. Families that made us believe that having our needs met was wrong. A society that made us believe that having our needs met at the cost of someone else’s life was right. The fact that stages are not made to equip those with alternative mobility as if they have lost their voice. As if they have lost anything at all. The nerve of anyone to think they are “better” instead of just Different- but the same…

The rapes, abuse, crying, putting on the mask, comparing, envying, hating, greed, apathy (OH THE APATHY!), workaholism, sexism, racism, Classism, all isms, economy gone wrong to the greed of those addicts who need need need, the jobs not had and those who yell at “immigrants” when this country was based off immigrants (at least the ones now bring their OWN culture and do not try and KILL ME), the terrorism, The lack of acknowledging the original terrorism (1492), the slavery, the bondage, the captivity, the hopelessness, the cycles the fkin endless cycles of everything that is not helping anyone….


Yeah. I got a list of people struggling- me included. I got a list of people “dealing” “coping” “barely breathing.” I got a list of people getting high, drunk, jumping in relationships, jumping out of em, on line all day and night, on twitter till they cant see the screen, just so they don’t have to deal with the pain. Their “stuff.” You know…the backpack of shit you just carry around. I got a list of Haters, “lovers,” Righteous (placing ‘self’ before that term is soooo tempting), “revolutionaries” (who still cant take care of their kids, partners, families, and/or deal with their BACKPACK OF SHIT), and those who just don’t give a fuck. Cheers.

Does this seem raw? Well Winter is people. Sorry. But it is to say that we human. And we all have these moments when we JUST WANT IT TO STOP. And that is ok. Seriously. While at the same time saying- TIME TO DO YOU. SERIOUSLY. What do you think is CAUSING ALL THIS MESS IN THE WORLD? When we don’t love ourselves or take time to self reflect. Let the bite of the wind give you its message, “Get inside yourself and let spring arrive.” Sure people- you can hibernate….but in a way that recharges. There is a difference between hibernation and a damn COMA. Use the winter to let the cold WAKE YOU UP even while you still. ESPECIALLY while you still.

Yup. We going through it. I am no exception. BUT- I know it is the season. I know that there is ALWAYS winter before SPRING. I know that this is the time to let it all come out so we can clean it up. Cuz (grammatically incorrect) the hose is never clear the first time you turn it on after time sittin in a long snow. We are one with the seasons. We ARE ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE. Allow yourself to feel. Let it take its course. And know that its all about the babysteps.

I love being in a place that experiences all the seasons. It lets me experience all of ME. I could never live in a place that had one climate all the time. I would feel off kilter. It’s just not my style. I love how the snow makes me tough and enjoy the spring that much more. How the summer heat gives way to a cool fall and that wonderful smell of change in the air as the leaves promise to return again. I like how it mimics my rhythm. It is the way. Don’t fight it. Roll with it. Yo u be a-ight. The universe…she knows whas good fo’ya. Trust her.

So here I am… some days way off and some days right on point- but always right where I am supposed to be. It’s winter. And its okay to be right where you are…just as long as you know where that is or are willing to find out.

If nothing else, in the end it helps you enjoy the spring.


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