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Walking the Path, Part II: Behind the Name

24 Feb

Behind the Name
Walking the Path, part II
A blog on
By Jay Walker

Jay Walker, the first Isis Storm “Man We Love” blogger, is “reaching out to the world through his poetry, speaking on world issues and reflecting on all the aspects & events of his life and his art.” His forthcoming book, “Where I’m Coming From” is not a love letter to Rhode Island; it’s a declaration of the status of his emotional journey to the ultimate destination of peace, love & nakedness for all.” Click here to learn more, read reviews and to order Walker’s latest release or attend his Release Party happening on Thursday, February 24.

RHODE ISLAND – OK, when this movie came out, how many people were floored? It wasn’t just the effects that blew people’s minds, it was the story. Now, some say the themes & theories have been discussed in philosophy for some time & others say the storyline was even stolen by the Wachowski Bros. from someone else, but that’s not really the point. The point is that I was one of those whose mind was blown by it, especially because of all the ways it touches upon real-life, whether we’re truly in a matrix or not. There are so many universal truths & life lessons to take from this film, but this one has resonated with me deeply, which is why I chose this particular clip. There are times when I feel like I’ve known the path for years, even decades, but have yet to start truly walking it.

I’ve always been a sensitive person & considered myself highly spiritual. During my grade school years, my belief in God & Jesus Christ kept me from slitting my wrists or, as another family member attempted, popping too many pills; in college, my open mind led me on the path I walk now, that of the seeker, open to all belief systems. When I went to catechism, it was one of the few times I was popular; I would ask the instructor a few deep questions about the lesson plan, which meant that she didn’t call on most of the other students, & they were happy about that. The real thing of it, though, was that I was asking deep questions about the lesson plan; I actually did the reading & the thinking about it, even at that young age. I’ve been writing poetry since high school, about relationships & other struggles of life. While I was in college the first time, I was always getting great marks on the philosophy work I completed (although that wasn’t much); I even passed a logic course just from my notes, having never opened the workbook & barely opened the course book. This is how my mind has always worked, being on the path to balance.

Unfortunately, real-life experience hasn’t always worked that way. I was born a Libra & am very proud of it, but one of the misconceptions of the sign is that we represent balance, with our symbol being the scales. No, we represent the SEARCH for balance. Just because we strive for balance, it doesn’t mean we always achieve it. Sometimes, weighing all the options makes us wait too long, & in life, either you make a choice or it’s made for you; there’s no in-between. Sometimes, our fight for the middle ground puts us at odds with both sides, making us loners. Sometimes, our overdeveloped sense of justice turns us into zealots for the cause, a cause, any cause. Our ruling planet is Venus, making us sensitive, passionate & compassionate but also lured by beauty & pleasure; like the scales, this can go either way, being either very good or very bad for the Libra & everyone else involved.

My own personal struggles have left me feeling very unbalanced & unfulfilled. I’m striving to make a living at being an artist. All I want in life is to create & promote my poetry, acting, music & other artistic endeavors, to learn & grow as an artist & a person, & to inspire that type of growth in everyone, especially my son, while earning enough to support him & myself. I would live in a van down by the river, like Chris Farley’s famous SNL character, if it meant I had enough paid artistic work to secure my son’s future; this has yet to be the case. I’m grateful to members of my family for helping me through the hard times, while I attempted school after school, in efforts to get a better job, or started a new business endeavor, but this fire has been to date very slow in building. Sometimes, it just gets so frustrating.

I make no effort to hide my seemingly lifelong battle with mental illness. Sometimes, it physically weighs down on me & makes difficult my attempts to be self-sufficient. Sometimes, the very people who keep me afloat are the very people who exacerbate the issue, which keeps me right where I am: just afloat, like with a life preserver, rather than driving the boat. Sometimes, I wind up shooting myself in the foot, because I lash out at those who both hold me up & hold me back. As a result, I’ve lost jobs, friends, & loves. I know the answer lies in the ability to find balance, but it has to date eluded me. How do I hold back what I feel is righteous anger? How do I stand up for myself & what I believe, without standing against those who stand against it? How do I fight for what’s right without alienating myself?

When I was just a pup in the spoken word scene, a beautiful young black woman let me borrow her copy of the Tao Te Ching, a popular book of Asian poetry; if I could remember her name or how to find her, I’d return it. When I first read it, I felt that the individual passages were beautiful, but I quickly became bored with it, because all the pieces seemed to say the same thing over & over again. Lately, my good friend & colleague Yunus has been reading it & it makes me want to dig it out from wherever it’s buried, so that I can read it again; I feel like I’m at an age & level of experience where I can better appreciate its wisdom. It often speaks of the Middle Path, of patience & of balance.

Another trusted friend & colleague Rudy once posted online a spoken-word poem about how everyone loves the message & delivery of his pieces, both those he originates & his renditions of others’ works, but when he puts down the pen or steps off the stage, he goes back to being just like everyone else: stressed & fallible. This piece really speaks to me. I definitely write a lot about the things people should be doing, but I myself have problems towing the line. I become so offended by callous behavior that I become callous in return; I am judgmental of the judgmental, intolerant of the intolerant, & impatient with the impatient. I find that these reactions are counterproductive to their goals. In the past, some have mistaken my reactions for anger, but I’m really just frustrated with an apparent lack of compassion & am struggling to reach a level of understanding.

That’s really the point behind this blog: taking the things that happen, in the world at large & in my own world, detailing my experiences & expressing my views, so that people can better understand me, & hoping that the comments left on each entry lead to a better understanding of you, by me. This is my journey: to a more enlightened state, where I learn to stand for without standing against/on; to the peace that comes from & leads to forgiveness; to a mutual understanding of the All that Is. This is the story of me walking the Path.

Fund Art(ists) Not War – ANY AND ALL ACTION NEEDED

12 Feb

Pictured above is Isis Storm co-founder Kalyana Champlain, aka 5th Elament, after performing at Funda Fest 13.  An annual cultural festival, this year it was funded, in part, by Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA).  “Funds for programs and services carried out by RISCA are provided by the RI State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), a federal agency.”  Proposals to cut funding to NEA are currently being discussed in the US House of Representatives.

by Reza C. Clifton

PROVIDENCE, RI – I’m sick of it, y’all.  SICK OF IT!!  Sick of seeing irrational policy-changes, the continued support of poisonous policies, those who pretend these policies are necessary, an unwillingness to bring in the real leaders and change-makers, the disillusionment of the change-makers when we need them most, the delay of older leaders embracing new ones, the cloaking of structural racism under free trade, funding cuts, and impartiality, and sick of the silencing of our voices – as done by ourselves and as imposed by others.


FYI, I’m going to post the email I read this morning that has taken me over the edge.  It is about MAJOR funding cuts that some want to see happen for the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities (please confirm if your reaction was, “wait, cuts to art and not the military??!!!) This on top of news and analysis like, “well, Israel may need to re-occupy Gaza now that Mubarak has stepped down.”  (Wait, this isn’t the time to talk about authentic opportunities for peace, parity, and harmonious and sustainable futures for Israel and Palestine?!)

WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS (I’m referring to the funding cuts to the arts, but yes, I think all of the things I’m sick of).  And even if lil “liberal” RI is among those fighting to keep money for the arts, most of us have plenty of friends in other states that need to know about this so they can pressure THEIR leaders.

In short, PLEASE POST OR SAY SOMETHING!!! In some cases, and some of you may not get this immediately, BUT ART IS ALL WE HAVE LEFT!!  DO SOMETHING!!.  And don’t just stop at “sick of it.”

Angry, scared, and motivated,
Reza Rites

Reza Corinne Clifton
“Reza Rites / Venus Sings / DJ Reza Wreckage”
Writer – Multimedia Producer – Communications Specialist – Music DJ

2008 Grant Recipient, “Rhode 2 Africa”,



– Contact your representative and let them know that they and the other Congressmen and Congresswomen need to block proposals to cut the Nat’l Endowment for the Arts and the Nat’l Endowment for the Humanities. It’s simple too:

– keep updating your Facebook and twitter messages: examples include “Block proposals to cut NEA and NEH funding” – “I support NEH and NEA and they should continue to be funded” – “fund art not war”. Even if your reps don’t see this their young staffers will, your friends in other states will see it, and the media will catch wind if enough of us step up, and you know the reps pay attention there.

– Tonight and this weekend at your music or art gig, stop for a 60 second moment of silence to show how serious this is. Alternatively, put on an instrumental and talk over it! AND use your phone videos and flip cameras to FILM IT, POST IT, SHARE IT, SEND IT!

– Join and invite friends to our Facebook event, “Fund Art(ists) Not War – ANY AND ALL ACTION NEEDED” or share this blog post.

– (please) STOP PRETENDING THIS DOESN’T AFFECT YOU. Your favorite hip hop documentary, the after school music or art teacher who actually taught you something, the first public forum you attended because it was about music and culture – these things are all funded by NEH and NEA money.



(LOCAL ALERT: From RI Council for the Humanities)

Friends of the Humanities,
Funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is at risk for significant cuts and potential elimination.

The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities relies on NEH support, as well as private contributions, to support humanities initiatives throughout the state of Rhode Island. A significant portion of funding for Rhode Island public humanities is decided on a national level in Washington D.C.

Federal funding directly supports the work we do, which is based on the conviction that history, literature, philosophy, religion, civics, the arts and other fields of the humanities are crucial to the daily lives of a free and diverse people. Since our founding, we have awarded more than $6.6 million in grants to over 500 different organizations, making varied and invaluable public humanities programming available across the state of Rhode Island.


(FEDERAL ALERT: from Americans for the Arts Action Fund)

Dear Reza Corinne:
Since we sent you the alert last night about the funding cuts being proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) the situation has worsened. Overnight, the House Appropriations Committee made even deeper cuts to the NEA and dozens of other programs and agencies. The proposed cut to the NEA is now set at $22.5 million (yesterday it was $12 million) which would represent the largest cut to that agency in 16 years.

We need you to send a message to your Members calling on them to reject these cuts to the NEA because they will negatively affect the district back home.

This will ensure that your voice will be heard by Members of Congress (especially freshmen members), who are now assessing their constituents’ viewpoints on these budget cuts.

Walking the Path: a New Blog on from the Multi-talented Jay Walker

31 Jan

Jay Walker, the first Isis Storm “Man We Love” blogger, is “reaching out to the world through his poetry, speaking on world issues and reflecting on all the aspects & events of his life and his art.”  His forthcoming book, “Where I’m Coming From is not a love letter to Rhode Island; it’s a declaration of the status of his emotional journey to the ultimate destination of peace, love & nakedness for all.”  Click here to learn more, read reviews and to order Walker’s latest release.

The Honor is Mine

Walking the Path, part I
A new blog on
By Jay Walker

PROVIDENCE, RI – One recent night, I was at AS220, ready to watch the Women of the World Poetry Slam®, when in walks Ms. Reza Clifton, co-founder of Isis Storm.  She sits next to me & tells me how happy she is to see me here, not only so that she can hang out with me but also so that she could share the news that she & Ms. Kalyana Champlain, the other co-founder, had just been talking about me & decided to make me the first man to blog on the IS website.  During the intermission, she insisted on buying me a drink; I had just started an indefinite break on alcohol, one of a few things I plan to avoid until I reach financial self-sustainability, so I asked for a ginger beer (no alcohol, just stronger than ginger ale).  She couldn’t get the bartender’s attention before the event organizers asked her to be a judge for the competition, so she told me to ask him to put my drink on her tab, referring to herself as “that girl Reza.”  When I was able to get his attention, I told him “that lady Reza” wanted to put it on her tab (Etienne’s my witness); I just couldn’t bring myself to call her a “girl.”

Every entry I’ve seen for the definition of the word “girl” references youth, lack of experience, of refinement & of maturity.  Now, I’m not calling these ladies old (in fact, I’m older than most of them) & they sho’nuff know how to let loose & have a good time, but don’t mistake that for lack of maturity or refinement.  They have a wisdom beyond their years & a presence that can be felt when any one of them enters a room, never mind the whole crew.  Indeed, every single person in this group must be referenced as at least a woman, if not a lady.

Reza is the fearless co-leader & the hardest working woman in RI, or so it would seem.  I don’t know how she does every single thing she does, especially since she doesn’t get paid for some of it.  As far as I know, her radio shows on BSR & WRIU are volunteer, & she uses her own money to put together some of the things Isis Storm does.  Kalyana, aka 5th Elament, is a dynamic presence striving to make a living solely off her art; she reaches out as an educator & is always performing in different venues.  When she takes the stage, she puts the show back in showmanship, at a time when it’s sorely needed in hip-hop.  J9 is a great mother, writer & activist, fighting for everything she’s got & winning the important battles.  B-Mor 7 has such an intensity in her performances & her lyrics, always striving to uplift the human spirit.  Michelle Cruz has a sound so distinctively hers, so sultry & seductive, yet approachable & comfortable.  I cannot speak highly enough of these women: Indigo, Michaelle, Monsurat, Nataly & the rest.  They have radio shows, books, CDs & are booking paid gigs left & right; they are reaching out to schools & communities; they are sustaining themselves financially, artistically & spiritually, at least to all outward appearances.

Furthermore, they have found each other, a collective of female artists who support each other through everything, without all the inner drama that can tend to tear groups like this apart; that’s so hard to do, especially when women are dealing with each other.  So often, women are taught to view each other as competition, so getting them together without things getting even the slightest big catty is rare; hell, I haven’t seen it done with groups predominantly male.   It’s been said that relatives have your blood, but family’s got your back; it’s no wonder then that they refer to each other as Storm sisters, because they come out to support each other every single time.  I’m such a huge fan; these women are the female version of everything I want to be & are doing everything I want to do.

So, here I am, the first male to be allowed to rep the Isis Storm … on a blog, at least.  It’s an honor.  I don’t know if they get how big an honor this is, to be associated with this group & its members.  I feel blessed that I can call them friends & colleagues & I’m touched to know they think equally highly of me.  I will give my best efforts to this blog, dedicating it to whatever issues I deem appropriate, whether the topic be women, art, media, community, family, health & wellness or just what I had for breakfast this week … y’know, as long as it’s relevant.  I just hope my words will do them justice … coincidentally, another lady.

NEW VOICES!! Coming Soon to

26 Jan

New voices are coming to, but catch up with an old hand first. The video above documents an interview with Isis Storm co-founder Reza Clifton and it comes from the January 2011 edition of Amped Sounds Magazine. Clifton also served as a guest writer for the magazine with a submission detailing the best music from 2010. Read that article here.

And stay tuned for the work of our new contributors.

A Message for New and Recent Friends of Isis Storm

28 Oct

From “Thru The Muck” on Isis Storm

A Blog by Kalyana Champlain
(October 27, 2010)

Peace and Blessings!

First we would like to thank each one of you who have supported our endeavors! A special thank you to all who attended the 12th annual Audre Lorde Cancer Awareness Brunch at Fenway Health! While this is a tumultuous time in our world and we all struggle valiantly with our battles, it is also a time of awakenings, new ideas, and greater bonds.From destruction sometimes comes a greater creation! a “storm” can awaken things once dormant. And Isis Storm is excited to be a part of that with each one of you.

The mission of ISIS STORM (  is to bring forth those voices that are being neglected; to be a vehicle to the generations of women who are fed up with seeing and accepting someone else’s definitions of who they are; and to give attention to the generations of women who are awakening to the realization that they are more than what [their generation] sees. It is our goal to bring the voices to the table that have long since been ignored, both ethnically and in gender.

The way that we encourage these voices to be heard is through the power of art and writing. If there is one thing that Isis Storm knows it is the power of words.  ISIS STORM feels that enough attention has been given to arguing for equal representation in media. Like the goddess, we believe that it is time to take responsibility and action to recognize our own worth and bring it to the table whether others accept it or not. The time has come for us to “sustain and protect” ourselves. We choose to do so through the power of words.

We are especially excited because of our new HEALTH INITIATIVE to use art to bring attention to some of the health issues that are having a great impact on our communities and society. Currently we have partnered with PL-AIDS ( as we host shows to help benefit their cause and make the community aware. More recently, we had the pleasure of supporting many of you at the Audre Lorde cancer awareness event. We also are freelance writers (Reza Clifton the guest editor) for She- Shines magazine with the YWCA in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. We have covered various health issues and topics affecting our society.

We look to any of you to partner in our new initiative and also engage in dual support of each other as we embark on changing the world. We are available for events, lectures, motivational speaking, and workshops. We will also do our best to promote your events and causes. You are now part of our general mailing list and will receive updates from not only Isis Storm, but the Cofounders Reza Clifton (aka Reza Wreckage and Venus Sings) and Kalyana “5th Elament” Champlain.

As promised we are providing some free poetry for you for joining our list! The first is a collaborative piece performed by 3 members of the Isis Storm collective: B-mor7 (, Jessica “9names” Coulter, and Kalyana “5th Elament” Champlain. This piece is dedicated to HIV awareness entitled “tombs of winter.” The second piece is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Enjoy and we look to build with you soon!

Hope and triumph; Sunshine and laughter
Kal (and Reza)
co-founders of Isis Storm
“Because the thunda can’t help but be heard”

What It Means to Celebrate National 5th Elament Awareness Month

24 Sep

PROVIDENCE, RI – Some consider her the online guerilla warrior who got Lauryn Hill put on the Rock the Bells tour lineup.  Some consider her the reason they got into and through the University of RI.  Others consider her, and will come to find her, as the artist who made them analyze their lyrical content, delivery and overall worth as a performer.  That’s our girl, 5th Elament.

And this? This here is a post with some suggestions and ways to recognize National 5th Elament Awareness Month, a celebration for the album release of Kal Champlain, aka 5th Elament. “Thru the Muck” is a compilation of songs that “speak to her movements through hip hop, and her journey through personal loss, inner demonhood, spiritual transformation and ongoing recovery.” She’s been sharing bits and pieces all over New England, but the full show is coming soon.

So what are some ways you can get involved:

Attend Her Album Release Party

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ITS AN ALL STAR CAST OF THOSE NEAREST AND DEAREST TO 5TH ELAMENT COMING TO CELEBRATE HER “COMING OUT!” Featuring: B-mor 7, Emerald Stone, Rudy Cabrera, Jessica “9names”Coulter, Flizz from WHo Dem, KG of NJS, Shevon “Mz. Muffin” Young, Majesty, Nataly Garcia, Jay Walker, Ryuu,possible bonus late night performance from ReZiZtanZE, …and MORE! HOSTED BY (me) HER DJ: REZA WRECKAGE!

$5 advanced
$10 at door
$15 in advance for admission and CD

To purchase tickets, go to or email


Learn More About Her – Interview / Podcast

Click here to listen to a podcast of highlights from my Venus Sings Radio interview with 5th Elament.

KINGSTON, RI – Where are the women in hip hop? It is a common question and refrain at live hip hop shows, locally and globally. But more varied has been the cause for this absence and the response to it.

Women viewed as non-players in the rap game is common, as is the emulation of women who have taken on hypersexual caricatures to maintain attention – sometimes over artistic development and advancement. Women who have devoted significant time to showing off their skills in wordplay, metaphors, and imagery – they are often mocked for being manly or unfeminine, and, even when women are included, concert promoters, executives, and even some attendees, underestimate and undervalue the selling power of such acts.

That is the scene you have to be aware of if you choose to come out as a woman in hip hop, especially as a “femcee.” By and by, though, these challenges have not stopped women from stepping up and demanding space in the game. One woman doing this is Kalyana Champlain, aka 5th Elament – my co-founder and partner in Isis Storm, my colleague at WRIU, my on-stage performance leader, and my friend of many years.


Learn More About Her – Video Performances

5th Elament performs at the Isis Storm show at Gallery in Providence, RI:

5th Elament performs as an opener for Planet Asia at Tommy’s Lounge in Pawtucket, RI (Part 1)

5th Elament performs as an opener for Planet Asia at Tommy’s Lounge in Pawtucket, RI (Part 2)

5th Elament performs at the Isis Storm show at Friendship Cafe in Providence, RI


Save the Date for other 5th Elament Shows & Appearances

Friday, September 24 – Fourth Friday Fiyah at Sala’s hosted by J9 with this month’s feature…5th Elament! 343 Thames Street in Newport, 9 PM.

Saturday, September 25 – 5th Elament Album Pre-Release Banger & Performance at the Bon Vue Inn, 1230 Ocean Road in Narragansett.

Sunday, September 26 – 5th Elament performs Cuts from Her New Album at the The Artists’ Exchange’s 3rd Annual Fall Out of Summer Art’s Festival, 11:00am – 5:00pm, 50 ROLFE SQUARE CRANSTON, RI.

Monday, September 27 – 5th Elament performs as the feature at Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Rock Diner, 148 Grove St. in Worcester, MA. Show starts at 9 PM and there is a weekly open mic.


Still Need More 5th Elament
A site where you can pre-purchase the album and tickets to shows, hear samples of her music, see videos and photos from performances, and more.
A page dedicated to personal development, spirituality, and cultural critique; A celebration of all of us Lotuses who come thru the Muck 😉
5th is also a freelance journalist who has written for publications like She Shines, a magazine published by YWCA Northern RI. Take a look and search for “Kalyana Champlain”

The Poets Page
Articles about spirituality, survival, and upliftment written on “The Poets Page” of

The New Home for Reza Rites: RRR on

3 Sep


RezaRitesRi on


Updated Friday, September 3, 2010, 3:15 PM (EST)

Sent as part of the Isis Storm/Reza Rites newsletter.  To join, email


Hi Friends,
I’ve got good news and bad news to share about Isis Storm, but don’t worry, because the bad is certainly not awful.  Besides, below is only a sample of the good news we’re sharing.  We’ve got new community partnerships in the works, educational workshops being scheduled as we speak, music shows and events being planned outside of RI, and a new Venus Sings/Isis Storm radio show coming soon to  With all of this, what more could be happening?

Well, not just one, but TWO (count them one, TWO) Isis Storm artists are releasing new albums:  singer/songwriter/guitar player, Michelle Cruz; and Isis Storm co-founder, recent Master Degree recipient, educator, poet, and hip hop “femcee,” Kalyana Champlain/5th Elament.  Click here to read about, and hear a podcast with, Michelle Cruz and I talking in July on WRIU about her release.  And to hear more about 5th?  A podcast of her special visit in August to Venus Sings Radio is coming soon, but until then, check her out at, where you can hear tracks from her album and learn about additional shows, promotional giveaways and ways to support its release.  And to learn more about Michelle Cruz, visit

Thanks for your support, and be in touch (, if we can play for you, work with you, or connect with you.

Sunshine and laughter,
Reza Rites / Venus Sings / DJ Reza Wreckage
Now, let’s start with the bad:




Thursday, September 16:

An Acoustic Night of Celebration with Isis Storm
Brooklyn Coffee Tea House
Providence, RI


Saturday, September 18:
the RED & BLACK CoverFire Release Party
starring  REZIZTANZE!!!!

with special guests, including:
Flizz of Who Dem? ** DirtyDurdie ** 5th Elament (Isis Storm) ** and more

Plus Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop spun by: DJ Floss B
Opening set by: DJ Reza Wreckage (Isis Storm)

Sat. 9/18/10 @ JERKY’S Music Hall
71 Richmond St. Providence, RI (18+ w/ proper ID)
Doors: 9pm // Show: 10pm // Party Rocks Til: 2am!!!

Tix: $5 in advanced // $10 in RED or BLACK attire // $15 if not!***

Saturday, September 25:
Narragansett Album Release Party:

Kalyana Champlain is 5th Elament in
Thru the Muck

The Bon Vue Inn
1230 Ocean Road
Narragansett, RI


Tuesday, September 28:
Providence Album Release Party:

Kalyana Champlain is 5th Elament in
Thru the Muck

Forbidden City
224 Atwells Ave.
Providence, RI


25 Dec

Reza Clifton aka Reza Rites aka Venus Sings

Kaly Champlain aka 5th Elament

Isis Storm would like to take this time to wish all of its members happy holidays. As we move into 2010 we are so excited to pronounce it “The Year of the Woman,” and keep building with all of you to promote art, education, and wellness.

While some of you may be thinking this is all just “fairly new,”it has been many years since we first started on this endeavor. We have built Isis Storm with our hearts, spirits, and souls- as we are sure all of you can feel when you come to one of our shows.

Finally, the seed has been sprouting for some time and we are so excited to see it grow! We want to thank all of you who have been a tremendous support system to us, and we hope that we have been just as much as a support/friend/outlet to you.

We are looking forward to moving ahead and to continue building ISIS STORM as the PREMIER WOMEN’S MOVEMENT in Rhode Island (and eventually EVERYWHERE!).

Please take care and be safe and look to after the holidays to see just what we have coming up! Finally-Lets use these holidays for what they were meant to be about: LOVE.

Hope&Triumph, Sunshine&Laughter-
Kal aka 5th elament & Reza Rites aka Venus sings

Isis Storm on Nov. 21: Where the People are the Panel

15 Nov
Big Ups and Thanks to the folks at URI, RI Council for the Humanities, and Black Rep.

Still, THE PEOPLE ARE THE PANEL on Saturday, November 21.

Isis Storm Presents “The Breaking Point”:

A Film Screening, “On the Rise” Performance, and Panel Discussion about women and people of color “finding the breaking point” within the usual narrative to rise up and tell their stories in the private sphere and public sphere, and through artistic mediums!

Saturday, November 21
5:30-8:30 PM
The Providence Black Repertory Company

$5.00 cover
free refreshments


Thanks for your support and hope to see you there. – Rz.

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